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Apex DIY Training offers an interactive DIY experience with a highly qualified trainer. Individuals are able to acquire new skills and techniques to complete simple home DIY jobs. Useful skills such as painting, picture hanging, drilling techniques and basic home maintenance are taught that will help save you time and money!

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About Us

Apex DIY Training was developed after discovering that a hands-on DIY training programme was not available for anyone wanting to learn the necessary skills for day-to day home maintenance.

We believe that it is not enough to read DIY information and then be expected to know what to do or which tools are required for the job. For this reason simple DIY tasks can become a challenge. With practical skills and hands-on training, small jobs can become achievable SAVING YOU TIME AND MONEY.

We can answer any questions you may have and assist you with hands-on practical experience, how to solve many common DIY problems as well as taking away any uncertainties regarding the right tools needed for the job.

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Why the hands-on approach?

Apex “Do it yourself” Training: Why the hands-on approach? Whenever I think of why I started Apex DIY training, and the hands-on approach, my mind takes me to the story about one of my friends and his constant frustration with DIY home maintenance. A simple story that highlights everything Apex DIY stands for and why

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